Thursday, 31 January 2013

A day of lab and office work in Stanley (Jan. 31, Frithjof)

Alexandra and I still had another exceedingly long night shift, leaving SAERI after 1 am – without even having finished our samples from North Arm. In fact, the seaweed diversity encountered there far exceeded our collections – once more. We had visited the site in Dec. 2010, already with a similar result, but the different season (almost 2 months later) made a big difference to the species composition which was now heavily dominated by red seaweeds (instead of the browns earlier in the season). Around 60 species, mostly of red algae from less than 2 hours of collecting! Correspondingly, Alexandra and I were in a Zombie-like state in the morning, and still around 25 specimens to prepare.
In the afternoon, we visited Paul Brewin in the new building of the Falkland Islands Government Fisheries Department with good lab facilities. This will become Alexandra’s research home after our departure back to Europe on Feb. 12. We made various arrangements with Paul about our diving plans etc.
I am writing this just before leaving SAERI once more. Tomorrow we will visit a couple of sites on the west coast of East Falkland.

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