Friday, 14 July 2017

Impressions from the Falkland Islands, January-February 2017 (1)

(Photos by Eleni Kytinou)

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Shags feeding their chicks in a rather painful way (Sea Lion Island):

Skua eating a penguin chick alive (Sea Lion Island):

A male and a female sea lion, sleeping together (Sea Lion Island):

Male Elephant seals fighting violently (Sea Lion Island):


Orcas hunting near the coast (Sea Lion Island):

Caracara staring at us and our food (Sea Lion Island):

Eleni's close encounter with shags. Not having been hunted for many years (or never), most animals in the Falklands are not afraid of human presence. (Dunnose Head / West Falkland; photo: Frithjof Küpper)

Eleni diving in a kelp forest off the Tussoc Islands (photo: Frithjof Küpper)

Lab work at the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI):

Successful collection of the enigmatic Cladochroa chnoosporiformis:

A sea snail carries an entire ecosystem on its shell:

A new species of the brown algal genus Dictyota:

King penguins walking synchronized by the sea:

King penguins incubating their eggs: 

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