Monday, 4 February 2013

Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust (04/02/2013, Alexandra)

The very stormy weather with gale force winds today didn’t allow us to conduct any seashore- or snorkelling based fieldwork around the Falklands today. After checking out Gypsy Cove with its penguin colony east of Stanley and having difficulties in not literally being blown off our feet by the gale, we visited the Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust at Stanley. This is an interesting little museum that presents Maritime History, the Falklands War, Natural History and a large photographic collection. A very nice museum with great exhibits and very interesting collections!

 The image shows Alexandra with a miniature of Discovery, the first British Ship that explored Antarctica (The real ship is a ship-museum at Dundee, Scotland).

It’s now evening, we are now back to SAERI, working on our specimens and helping Pieter to pack. We had a nice little farewell party at Kay’s. He will be flying back to the UK tomorrow, with a first batch of materials in his baggage.

At Kay's B&B in Stanley after a lovely farewell dinner for Pieter (who will be flying back to Europe tomorrow): From the right Matt, Kay, Aldo, Frithjof, Pieter and Alexandra

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