Thursday, 7 February 2013

Summer Day in Stanley (Feb. 6, Frithjof)

We have been enjoying a beautiful summer day in Stanley! No excursion today, just office & lab work at SAERI, including logistics preparations for our trip to West Falkland tomorrow and Aldo's and my stopover in Ascension Island next week.
In the afternoon, I got to try out Stanley’s amazingly beautiful swimming pool / leisure centre. Amazing, for a community of less than 3000 people in this town! It is heated by the exhaust heat of the diesel-fired power station, supplying about half of the town’s electricity (the other half comes from wind turbines, putting the renewable ratio in the Falklands above that of most civilized countries).
Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be driving to New Haven (west of Goose Green) for taking the Workboat Ferry to Port Howard on the east side of West Falkland. Aldo and Alexandra will be staying in the Port Howard Lodge, I’ll be camping in the garden of the Lodge. Don’t expect any e-mail or blog updates from us until the end of the weekend, we’ll be in very remote areas until Saturday.

Summer in Stanley

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