Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine’s Day in Bunny Moon Island Feb. 14, 2013 (Frithjof)

Τoday, Ascension seemed to be even hotter. Thankfully, Caz Yon had invited me for a dive already at 9 am. Together with Bill, a doctor at the Georgetown Hospital having half a day off, we rode her RIB to Red Rock Cave, a spectacular dive site which Kostas Tsiamis and I had already explored within the framework of last year’s SMSG Painted Shrimp Expedition. An undersea tunnel connects the cave to the outside at approx. 10 m depth, while the roof of the cave has collapsed, leaving a gaping hole through which sunlight floods part of the interior, while the remainder is in darkness. A great place to observe, fish, crayfish and other marine life, at any time of the day (many animals would otherwise only get active at night). Awesome.

After a meeting with Stedson Stroud, Director of the Ascension Island Conservation Department (which had hosted our Painted Shrimp Expedition last year), Aldo and I took our rental car for exploring Cross Hill overlooking Georgetown and the lower ranges of the coastal desert around Comfortless Cove and the airport.

Life in Ascension is tough, I would even say very tough at this time of the year: So hot! I was very lucky to get an invitation for a 2nd dive today from 2 RAF folks, at a site called Triangles (after a maritime marker). They went fishing with a spear gun, I went fishing with my camera. Lucky again - once more, I met 2 more green turtles. This really is their season in Ascension.

I was starving! A dinner consisting of an extra large pizza shared by Aldo and myself at the Volcano Club on the US Air Force Base followed (probably the only place in all of Ascension outside the Obsidian Hotel to get a decent dinner).

PS - Explanation of the title: My friend Rowena Stern had suggested renaming Ascension to “Bunny Moon Island” when seeing images from last September’s Painted Shrimp Expedition. Admittedly, a much more fitting name than “Ascension”: Much of the island is a black moonscape, and there are plenty of rabbits…

Ascensions coastal desert from Cross Hill

 Georgetown and Long Beach

 View fr Cross Hill towards Comfortless Cove 

 Meeting at AIG Conservation Dept 

 Red Rock Cave

 Red Rock Cave 

 Red Rock Cave 

 Red Rock Cave 

 Red Rock Cave 

Crayfish in Red Rock Cave 

 Fish at Red Rock Cave

 Caz and Bill exploring submarine arch

 Submarine arch at Red Rock Cave

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